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Athena's Architects: Lego® Design

Take your child's love for Lego® and brick building to the next level.

Athena's Architects is not just a Lego® class - it's a launchpad to a world of imagination and innovation. Through hands-on challenges and collaborative projects, students will uncover the secrets of structural design, symmetry, balance, and aesthetic detailing in an exciting and engaging environment.

Every week, our instructors will introduce a new theme ranging from futuristic cityscapes, to undiscovered jungles, to elaborate medieval castles. Children will learn the nuances of architectural design, science, and engineering through exciting, real-world applications. A core part of our program involves our unique STEM Lego Challenges, where students will build moving Lego models that illustrate fundamental principles of physics, engineering, and robotics.

Unlike traditional brick-building programs, we also integrate storytelling, creating a narrative to accompany their models. This approach encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and literacy skills as students craft their own Lego® universe.

Our inclusive, friendly, and supportive classroom environment is ideal for children of all skill levels. Whether your child is a beginner or a seasoned Lego enthusiast, they will find the curriculum challenging and rewarding.

Athena's Architects is more than a program—it’s a community of young architects, engineers, and storytellers. By joining us, your child will build more than just bricks - they will build confidence, friendships, and skills that will last a lifetime.

How we teach:


High-energy stimulating approach emphasizing collaboration and challenging puzzles


Learn variety of important skills through project-based play


Tons of opportunity for creative expression and development

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