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Embark on an unparalleled adventure with our Game Design and Animation Class - a unique, project-based learning experience that infuses the charm of storytelling with the power of coding. This course is meticulously designed to spark the inherent creativity in young minds and foster their innovative storytelling and game designing capabilities.

Our innovative curriculum introduces your child to the compelling world of programming through a combination of MIT’s Scratch, a visual programming language designed especially for young learners, and Python via, one of the world’s leading online coding platforms. In this class, students don't just learn how to code – they bring their imaginations to life and learn to weave stories through lines of code, transforming their ideas into interactive games, animations, and more!

The true charm of our program is in the fun, exciting environment we create. While students immerse themselves in their digital creations, they inadvertently learn essential coding skills, develop digital literacy, and gain an understanding of how technology works. Every lesson is a joyous adventure into the world of coding, filled with engaging challenges that strengthen their computational thinking and problem-solving skills.

The course covers professional programming practices such as the use of binary operators, understanding and implementing conditional statements, mastering the art of sequencing, adopting good commenting practices, and effectively using loops. These skills are taught in a way that is interactive, intuitive, and immediately rewarding, ensuring students grasp these complex concepts effortlessly.

But the journey doesn’t end there. Our unique blend of coding and storytelling stimulates children's imagination, encourages creative thinking, and makes the learning experience incredibly fun and engaging.

We don't just teach coding; we inspire the next generation of digital creators, innovators, and problem solvers. We aim to expose students to programming in the most creative, exciting, and innovative way possible. Through this enriching journey, students don’t just have a blast – they cultivate a lifelong passion for coding, a skillset that will empower them in the digital age.

How we teach:


High-energy stimulating approach emphasizing collaboration and challenging puzzles


Learn variety of important skills through project-based play


Tons of opportunity for creative expression and development

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